How does the SMS feedback work?

Using a mobile phone with a local SIM card, SMSes from beneficiaries will be received and forwarded to a private administration section of the dashboard supported by Ushahidi platform at www.somcdrd.org/hif


What times are best to send messages?

You can send feedback any time that suits you. The SMS feedback line is open 24/7, including weekends and public holidays.


Where do my messages go?

The comments you send are only read by 4 people, 2 of whom are responsible for processing feedback messages. Once they have processed, translated to English, and categorized your messages, they will post them on this website: www.somcdrd.org/hif, but your personal details and phone number will not appear in public. 


How much does it cost me?

Only the cost of one SMS text message at your normal network rate. You will not be charged anything more, nor will you be subscribed to any other services.


What happens after I send the message?

You will receive an automated reply acknowledging your message and thanking you for your feedback. If your message regards a complaint or enquiry, and only if it is directly related to a DRC project, we will pass it to the relevant department and let you know what actions are to be taken. If you do not wish to be contacted by anyone, simply ignore the reply message and no further contact will be made.


What is the different between the existing complaint mechanism and the beneficiary feedback system? 

 Feedback messages are vital to ensure DRC is in direct contact with beneficiaries and hear their voices in order to monitor projects better and improve on delivery. Feedback messages do not need to be followed up beyond the automated response. Complaints and suggestions directly affecting DRC projects, on the other hand, will be dealt with by the relevant department and outcomes relayed to the beneficiary. Complaints and suggestions regarding third party and other humanitarian agencies, DRC will not be able to address but we will forward to the relevant agency for you.


Can I trust you not to use my mobile phone number or pass it on to anyone else?

Yes.  DRC’s Beneficiary Feedback will not use your phone number or make it available to anyone else unless you specifically give permission. Even when you do, you will only be contacted if necessary to help the relevant person deal with your complaint or query. 


What if I want something sorting out quickly?

The Beneficiary Feedback is a convenient feedback service designed to help beneficiaries have their say, express opinions, etc. If you have an issue that needs sorting out immediately and that is part of an ongoing project, we will forward your message to a field officer near you. But if it concerns a service provided by a third party, we can only forward them your message and urge them to follow up.